Not to sure whats going on at work. Yeah, I’m not perfect, I don’t know all the menus off by heart, sometimes I mess up on checking to go orders, sometimes it takes a few seconds to find the right button on the computer but these are small things EVERYONE does. I don’t make huge mistakes, I don’t cause huge mistakes, there haven’t been grievous customer complaints, I haven’t dropped and ruined an order, I’m pleasant and nice to everyone, I’ve calmed down during the rush time. So why am I made to feel like this massive fuck up that should be fired all the time? I honestly feel like the managers regret hiring me and generally I have an idea why but I’m really clueless. People I work with like me, the work I do is appreciated by them, customers tend to like me and I work hard so whats the problem? I feel like I’ve managed to really offend someone and I don’t know how when or why. At HAP I was told all the time how well I was doing, how fast I picked up the job and how appreciated my work was. So whats going on now??

Have managed to get over the mr btb crush. I dunno, the more I found out about him the more I realised that we just wouldn’t be compatible and I’m over silly little flings; I just don’t have the energy or motivation for them. If I do start something then it has to be something worth my time.

Erghhhh, company halloween party tomorrow night, kind of dreading it a bit!


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