Thursday Blues

Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah am feeling totally depressed right now, stupid beach break stuff all over my facebook! All I want to be doing right now is riding up on a coach with my moo, all excited about the monday warm up, planning who we want to see, discussing the best way to keep me away from tent putting-up stress and scoping out fit festy boys. It makes me very very sad that instead I am sat at my desk at work in another sodding country.

However, it makes me very happy to know that tonight, after work at job2, I am going to spend my evening drinking, getting high, being out and basically forgetting my name.

Which is kind of like being at a festy, right?

First BBL Line Up Announcement…Ahhhh!

Calvin Harris, Chase&Status, Ellie Goulding (am so looking forward to seeing her), Plan B, Example, Dan Le Sac v Scroobius Pip, Annie Mac, High Contrast, Subfocus, Jack Beats, Scratch Perverts and loaaaads more!!! Ahhhhhh!

So fucking excited!!

Summer Festivals

So had a text from loverr this morning ‘come isle of wight festival’. Am totally in buuuut going to be a bit crazy cause Isle of Wight is 10th-13th of June and then Beach Break is from 14th-18th of June so I would literally get back on sunday afternoon, would have to shower, do my laundry, repack my bag and tent, get my food bits together, get down to Bournemouth and the next morning get the coach to Wales for BB. Hectic BUT there are already some great people playing Isle of Wight; Pink, Biffy Clyro, Florence and the Machine, Mr Hudson, Calvin Harris, Blondie, Jay-Z, Friendly Fires, and PINK!!! So worth it for Pink alone really. Plus it would be amazing, get to go to a festy with loverr and prob loverr’s sister and co and totally get on it and then festy with moo where get to chill out on the beach. Not a bad way to spend 10 days really, it will be like a holiday, HOLIDAY!! Aha, jokes. Now just need to find £170 for a ticket, may ask it as my birthday present? And christmas present?

Mmmm would be nice!

Getting Closer to Spring

The days are starting to get lighter which sucks cause it makes it harder to hide out in bed but is also great cause it means spring and summer and the days are actually starting to smell lighter. It means being able to do more outside, theme parks opening again (woooooooooooooop soooo want to go to thorpe park, haven’t been since went with the ex ex, kimmi and ex ex’s best friend). It means festivals and summer outfits and bungee jumps and BBQ’s. It means certain people leaving bournemouth so I can have my goddamn town back!! Mmmm looking forward to it becoming lighter.

I need a full time job. I’m not really at uni, I don’t really want to be at uni. So I need to find a full time job that I’m going to enjoy, that I will meet lots of interesting people at and that will get me out of bed every morning.

Erghhhhh I’ve been running so high today, been spilling a lot of ketones, been weeing like a trooper and feel sooooo sick. Been drinking loads of fluids, upped my insulin and it’s like NOTHING is working! Hate days like this and I know it means I’m just going to be really tired tomorrow.




So fucking excited! Cliff diving, dry ski slope, go ape park. So going to get on it!! Am getting the coach but actually don’t mind cause it means travel is all sorted now and don’t have to worry about petrol etc nearer the time, just food and monies to take!

Ex mr chopper put this blog up that has totally messed with my head, mainly cause it has a picture of me on it from the day before he shattered my world which I didn’t even realise existed. And he’s gone from saying the being with me was shit to ‘its easy to have a good time with the right person….I feel like I gave up….wouldn’t even try to get back with her just for the fact she prob hates my guts’. Blah blah blah. I don’t know how many times I tried to extend friendship, I don’t know how many times I tried to get him to realise that actually I did understand he didn’t want to be in a relationship but he was never honest with me about it, he kept saying it was down to me and my faults when actually he should have stuck with his decision the first time around. Yeah he ‘spunked’ it. That didn’t mean I wouldn’t have forgiven him and tried to salvage something. To me we were always good mates and its the fact he threw that away over everything thats upset me the most.

I just wish he could see that and get over feeling like the bad guy. I let go of us a long long time ago. When he told me to stop, I did. He was the one who sent the drunk email and texts. But its like I got the blame for those as well as the end of the relationship when really it was down to him just not being bothered to actually put some effort in to something for a change.

Whatever. On with life, on with the good times, on with moving in with moo and back to bomo, on with beach break!!!