Weekend In Blighty!

Had such an amazing time in Blighty with loverr and treacle, I just really love how chilled it always is at loverr’s and I really really love how amazingly comfortable and me I am around my girls. Me and treacle were chatting driving back about how no one really knows you like the people and friends you grew up with. Being around them is never weird or awkward and I love being able to just be 100% me with them both. I knew I missed them but never realised how fucking much!! And it’s weird cause it’s not like I missed one more than the other, I missed them both in totally different ways as they are both my best friends in totally different ways! Which makes sense to me haha. I have so missed having jokes banter and being understood and not needing to constantly explain myself!! Such a novelty ha.

Leaving in 5 days. Am fucking dreading it!! Am going to miss my people sooooo fucking much, I don’t know how I’m going to stand it. Its going to be really sad, I can already feel that I am going to lose it at the airport!

Possibly seeing treacle tomorrow, asbo/fellow Jew/moo on weds, Nanna on thurs, Mum stuff friday, flying out saturday morning. I still wish I’d seen him. I will probably wish that for a while but, quoting ex mexican man, it is what it is and that has to be ok!

Ahhhh sooooo much to do when back!!!

Shitty Situation

So the guy who I like and likes me (FRIENDLY LIKE, REPEAT FRIENDLY) who has the gf, sometimes words things in a way that I’m worried if his gf is reading is misconstruing and that is where this animosity is coming from. We both know that we get on really well and I think have both been kind of thinking that our time as friends is coming to an end cause the gf really does not like it. Its a shame cause we do get on really well and its totally like he is another girlyfriend of mine but after the random attacking txt from her today, and the weird sounding texts from him last night (which sound sort of like she was on the other end of the phone), I think its time to give this one up for a lost cause and not talk anymore unless in a social situation. I don’t make friends easily or often, not ones that I genuinely like and get on with without having to be someone I’m not so I’m sad that I can’t be friends with him but it’s really starting to be more trouble than its worth.

As for making friends, I am totally in love with my fellow persuasive writing group friend! She is totally awesome and funny, reminds me a lot of batgirl actually. Had a really fun time going to the strip club with her, her boyfriend and their friend last night so am hopeful that maybe I’ll be inducted in to another group (who are all way chill stoner types haha).

Gah, complicated life as always

Ms Italia Chica

So she started off as the julia stiles lookalike who I sort of got on with at work and all of a sudden shes turned in to a best friend; family. Shes not my moo, no one will ever be my moo, its like moo is my wifey and ms italia chica is our love child, shes exactly what our daughter would be like. Its really funny, theres me the head of the clan then a year younger is moo and then a year younger than moo is chica. I keep finding parts of myself in the most unexpected people. I’m glad I found chica, she keeps me sane, keeps me smiling and even manages to look out for me. Shes even gotten her parents on the whole job hunt thing for me! Who love me by the way, especially her dad for some reason! I think they realise I’m a good friend for their daughter to have and its nice to be thought of in that way. I feel very lucky to have my moo and my chica in my life and yeah, no one will EVER replace moochop but then no one will ever replace chica either.