Poem: Your desire

Trapped, unable to breathe, unable to see, I can only feel you,

Feel the ghost of your hands around my throat, squeezing me shut, taking my voice,

My free will, my opinions, my choice.

Suffocating, I can feel your desire suffocating me, surrounding me, clouding my vision,

It crawls across my skin and makes me tremble, makes me feel so lost.

All I asked for was time but your face tells me I have none,

All I asked for was time but your need is liquid fire down my throat,

And I choke.

Poem: Anger

I am addicted to my anger, to the bitter taste of it in my mouth.

I am addicted to my anger, to the warmth it brings to me.

I am addicted to my anger, I feed from it, it is a part of me,

a blackness in my soul, a never ending well full of twisted shapes and broken promises.

I can see my  anger leaking from my eyes, hear it on my breath,

My anger takes the shape of your name and I scream

Poem: Strange To Me

I see your smile and it seems strange to me,

I feel your touch and its a strangers touch,

I feel your breath upon my neck and it brings shivers to my spine.

Who are you?

Who am I?

Is my touch as strange to you? And does it cause you pain,

As it causes pain for me?

I long for the day you run your finger down my skin,

Not causing more or less than a smile.

Just a smile,

With a knowing kiss.

Poem: You Did This

So empty, so hollow, so lost inside.

Can you hear me crying, screaming, can you see?

This is you, this is what you’ve achieved.

Do you ever sit and think, while feeling so alive,

As I go through the motions,

If I truly survived?

Do you have any heart left, do you stop and say,

What did I do,

How did I do it,

How did I?

Poem: Waiting

I’ve been waiting, waiting for years inside,

Waiting for it to come apart,

I’ve been waiting for it to break.

Inside its cold and I’m alone,

I can’t fight this darkness.

There are corners with shadows,

I can’t see through them,

I can’t fight this darkness.

I’m drowning inside, I’m going under,

Pressure holding me, dragging me down,

Don’t say anything, don’t tell anyone,

I’ll come and get you.

How would you feel if this was you?

Like an egg cracking, breaking.



Poem: Stranger

Hello stranger, you’ve come just in time,

I was starting to think that you’d never arrive.

Hello stranger, where have you been?

That picture is worn now from all that its seen.

Hello stranger, is that really your face?

Its different somehow, older, more traced.

Don’t be a stranger, please don’t stay away,

I need you more now, in every way.