I’m glad I got to talk to you today. I’m glad you initiated it. I of course miss and love you but I think I may have finally learnt my lesson that to have a little tiny piece of you is better than nothing at all. I’m sure I’ll find a way to fuck it up but for right now, I’m just happy that you were thinking about me today.

Love you



I miss this. Being this happy. With every sort of crush and every sort of run in I have with a new guy, I think I’m over this. But then I realise that all those run ins do is remind me. Of being this happy and this in love. Dating is awful. I don’t want guys who will whip out their dicks and post them on craigslist. I don’t want any of these guys who are so fucking disrespectful and think not only is it funny but that it also works. I just can’t stand the dating world, I can’t stand the people in it. I love banter but don’t call me a slut and expect me to get down on my hands on knees for you. Sorry, I don’t just sleep around, its not in my nature.

I know you miss me to. I wish you would just talk to me