Started to snow these big fluffy bits today and it made me think about last year when it snowed. Me and mr ex chopper bundled on some coats, went outside and made some snowmen, frank in the front garden, george in the back. Frank was given hair and yellow gloves, he was later stolen by some charminster thugs, put in the middle of the road and run over. We know this because the yellow gloves were laying there the next morning. Was pretty funny.

George was given a coat and a bottle of vodka. He actually lasted quite a while but the day he did totally melt, we found a spine in his remains so think a dead cat/baby fox got rolled up with george. That was pretty disturbing. We also had a snowball fight which some guys walking by joined in and nearly took my head off. After that we went inside and were pretty freezing so made some coffee and cuddled up on the sofa.

Good times.

Today I miss mr ex chopper and the fun we use to have. I was so looking forward to having an even more fun christmas this year. Shame