There is this guy at work, lets name him bear tooth babe or mr btb for short, who had already tried with me, already gave me his number, already asked me to hang out to which I gave the most unrealistic and crap excuse to doing. I said no because I didn’t want another hobbit situation and I didn’t want to make a fool out of myself. I didn’t want the first time we hung out to be a foggy memory. But now I can’t stop wishing he would try again and I’m pretty sure that hes still interested, hes always watching me and he keeps calling me pretty and cute and there is definitely something there. He makes me laugh as well, I really like the sound of his voice! Yesterday we had the most random conversation about what type of animal we’d be and then it moved on to actual stuff like where we grew up and I even told him about the guy in junior school with the flag episode. I like him. And it scares the shit out of me cause I see so much of what I liked about ex mr chop in mr btb and I just can’t get messed around by that type of guy again. I worry that I only like mr btb because he reminds me of ex mr chop. I worry that I could really really like him and because (I’m pretty damn sure that he is) he is a man child I am just going to end up hurt again; being promised always when really he means for just a bit. I worry that hes just a massive stoner and I don’t want that, thats not me. And then I also worry that I’ve missed my chance anyway and I’m worrying about all these other things for no reason.

God, he even moves like ex mr chop. I worry about that!


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