Better Late Than Never!

I’ve been thinking about realistic new year resolutions as the ever popular losing weight option is in consideration but I think I need to better more than just the size of my arse.

To actually do the best I can do with my classes this semester. I’m taking all Justice and Legal courses and I really want to succeed to prove I’m choosing the right path.

To date older men only. No more children, no more guys who have never been in a relationship before, no more wasters. I want someone sure of what they want in life, with goals, ambition and with a fucking sense of humour! I want someone who is not afraid to fall in love.

To start living more in my present than in my past. I do this a lot which was shown by my trip back home.

To read one non-school or stupid fictional vampire/fantasy/bullshitbullshit book every two weeks.

To move out.

I guess we will see!