This Town Is Too Small

Anchorage is too bloody small. I run in to ex mexican man, get set up on a date with a friend of ex mexican man and have an arranged bootycall with another friend of ex mexican man later this week. Of course running in to ex mexican man made me miss him which is retarded but there you go.


Tried to get moo to talk to me but that was a fail. Excellent. Its a really great fucking feeling for your best friend to have not only not given a shit that I was home but not given a shit that I left and not given a shit since then. So, moo, if you’re one of the people reading this, get over it, pick up your fucking phone and call me or text me or skype me, because this is fucking ridiculous.

I have so many things going on with life right now and it is freaking me out. I already knew I had this social anxiety thing and instead of doing small things to just get me out of it I jump in guns blazing with USUAA retreat this weekend and office hours and this booty call and these dates with these random guys so that at least I’m putting myself out there. All in the space of a week. I think my head might explode or I’ll just be in the corner curled in the fetal position and hissing at people who come near me. Like a feral cat.

Awesome. Sigh


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