Not Surprised Really

So ex mr chop didn’t really actually want to see me. I’m not sure why I believed he did or put myself out there but I did and once again was completely let down by him. I had farmer boi come down from leeds to see me, the ex ex keeps trying to see me, people from London want to see me, loverr came from brighton to see me. If ex mr chop did want to, he’d have made it happen but it wasn’t important so its not happening. I got really really angry (fueled by disappointment and sadness I’m sure) and told him to seriously not contact me again and I blocked him. I literally had two main people I was dying to see, him and moo. I don’t know why. I knew in my heart of hearts that he didn’t truly give two shits, so why am I so let down?? Such bullshit and I’m done.


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