Fair play, I said that he would have to get in touch and he did. And I said that he had prob forgotten I was even home and he didn’t. I don’t honestly see why he wants to get a drink or anything though, as much as I want to see him, it’s not like how he wants to see me. It’s like how me and the ex ex are. He wants to really see me in the way I really want to see ex mr chop but ex mr chop only wants to see me in the way it’s nice for me to see the ex ex; it’s nothing more than just a friendly catch up. Confusing I know but it makes sense to me. I feel like the ex mr chop even feels bad for me, hiding his relationship status even though that was hardly necessary; been there, seen it, accepted it (mostly, haha), so it’s ok, no need to feel pity and have to hide the girlfriend from the crazy ex. He didn’t even want to see me on his own, had to be like for an hour with his friend by his side, awesome. I mean I really do appreciate the gesture, I just guess right now I’m disappointed that reality always wins over expectations and that I never learn otherwise.

Soooooo excited to see my girls and bomo tomorrow though!!!


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