Final Countdown…

I have been working my arse off all freaking day to get all this shit done for monday and my two finals. I actually got a lot done, documentary, research paper, the presentation which is my second final. I need to do two journal response entries but I think I’m just going to do the one and call it a day. Girl needs her sleep! Egh, this week is going to be soooo long!!

So was hanging out with chick and doogy last night when he lets slip that he got ‘the full extended version of why you and ex mexican man broke up, why he broke up with you’ and gives me this look as if to say yeah, I know allll about you. So I was like well what does that mean and he wouldn’t say which is fair enough, bro code, but then the kept going on about how it was mexican man’s first ‘serious, well not serious but first ever relationship’, which is mexican man’s words verbatim. The ‘serious’ thing hurt cause yeah I get it, he wasn’t really in to it but I genuinely cared about him and I think deep down I really did need someone who understood the whole baby thing cause it happened to him as well. I’m kind of mad that he went out of his way to talk shit about me (and knowing guys and knowing that our last few fights were about his lack of time and attention, I’m sure I got painted as the crazy clingy lady even though I barely called, texted, never facebooked him and we would hang out once a week if that). I haven’t been the crazy stalker ex, I haven’t tried to get back with him, I’ve respected what he wanted and left him the fuck alone. I didn’t let on to his family about the pregz, I didn’t go around telling people (and I swear, if that is what doogy meant, I am going to fucking kill mexican man. After telling his family. Especially as my family found out and know, why should I be the only one?). I haven’t talked a mean game about him to anyone, if I’ve ever vented its been on here where no one knows me or him. Its just not fucking fair, I’ve worked hard to not have a reputation over here and I will be damned if he fucks it up. Bastard.

Home in 6 days, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


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