Shitty Situation

So the guy who I like and likes me (FRIENDLY LIKE, REPEAT FRIENDLY) who has the gf, sometimes words things in a way that I’m worried if his gf is reading is misconstruing and that is where this animosity is coming from. We both know that we get on really well and I think have both been kind of thinking that our time as friends is coming to an end cause the gf really does not like it. Its a shame cause we do get on really well and its totally like he is another girlyfriend of mine but after the random attacking txt from her today, and the weird sounding texts from him last night (which sound sort of like she was on the other end of the phone), I think its time to give this one up for a lost cause and not talk anymore unless in a social situation. I don’t make friends easily or often, not ones that I genuinely like and get on with without having to be someone I’m not so I’m sad that I can’t be friends with him but it’s really starting to be more trouble than its worth.

As for making friends, I am totally in love with my fellow persuasive writing group friend! She is totally awesome and funny, reminds me a lot of batgirl actually. Had a really fun time going to the strip club with her, her boyfriend and their friend last night so am hopeful that maybe I’ll be inducted in to another group (who are all way chill stoner types haha).

Gah, complicated life as always


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