I usually have a really good sense of how things are and my spidey senses are deff on the tingle mode. I think he found someone, someone real. I think she is actually pretty perfect for him and can make him happy. Yeah it sucks but I welcome the snap in to reality and I do want him to be happy. Because that’s how it works, when you truly love someone and care for them, you want them to be happy even if that means without you. I want me to be happy as well! This week has admittedly been super lame but tonight is going to be fun, birthday tomorrow and then only a few weeks till I am home with my moo. Christ I miss my moo, I can’t wait to be around the one person I can totally be myself with. I am so freaking excited to see her!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!

So, here is to taking life at face value


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