Insane In Da Membrane!

This is so totally insane. I have this group of friends. I’m at uni doing well. I am a founding member of the UAA division of The National Society of Leadership & Success, I am a write in candidate for a USUAA Board Senator, S wants me in Tri Sig, had a date with a really sweet guy tonight who got me flowers and wants to see me again asap, have J planning stripper night next week so we can judge the competition and also has a guy she wants to introduce me to, am moving out in Jan. I have this crazy life right now which isn’t crazy, it’s totally normal! I’m just not use to having a bunch of people and a bunch of things going on in my life. It is getting to the point where when I am alone I’m miserable! I use to love my own company and now I hate when I don’t have something going on! Which is why the super depressing post before this. I like being insanely busy! Weird.
And yet, I still miss him. I still wish he was in my life in some way. I still can’t really give myself to anyone else cause I’m still hoping and hope as we know is the killer. I’m hoping I get home and he contacts me. I hope we see each other. I hope we can sort us out. And if we can’t, I at least hope that I finally finally just let go and walk away


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