Life Can Take Today And Stuff It Up Its Arse

Ok so I may not be devastated and I may be pretty good, but to see your ex about a week after they broke up with you, walking up the hallway you are walking down, with another girl, who meets your eyes, looks away and then walks past completely ignoring you, well that shit fucking stings. A lot as it turns out. And to then be ignored again not a few hours later? Awesome, really fucking awesome. So much for being friends or thinking about it or being adult and mature and shit. Why bother stopping to talk to me the other day? Why not start as you mean to go on?

So basically a big fuck you ex mexican man! It wasn’t that big, it wasn’t that good, pretty sure I faked all but three times and I wasn’t too ill to keep it. I hope you are forced to swallow your own balls and choke and die.



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