Relevance Of The Past

I can’t help but compare what I’ve had before with what I have now. I know its not fair because this is a totally different situation with a totally different guy. I think I’m unfixable. I’m so confused.

I take that back, I am way fucking confused


One thought on “Relevance Of The Past

  1. From reading your blogg it sounds like you still have feelings for your past lover. You need closure.

    Talk to him or look deep inside yourself to see what you really want. A new guy or what you had before. Until you make this choice you can not move on!

    Just talkingfrom past experience. I had the same in CA and it wasnt until i met back up with my past that i truely knew what i wanted and it was what i had before even though he was in Anaheim….face your fears i guess!

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