When You Least Expect It…

When you aren’t looking, when you don’t think you even want it, some random guy walks in to your life, throws you a smile and suddenly you’re free falling. I feel like I’m free falling for this guy who I barely even know?? How is that possible? Again?!! I thought that I had learned my lesson, I thought that I knew not to do something like that. I legitimately thought I would never be capable of it. But here I am, can’t stop smiling when I think about him, can’t wait to see him again, can’t wait to get to know him more, can’t wait for that first kiss, can’t wait to reach the point where its all crazy insane, where I can go round to his and cook for him, when his smell is the smell that drives me crazy. We had our second date tonight, only our second date ever, and it was so fucking easy! So easy to talk to him and no awkwardness. Without even thinking about it, my whole body was turned in to his the whole night. And what a gentleman!! Got the tickets which yeah was nice (I got the movie foods) but when he saw me shivering in the theatre (coat and all) he gave me his coat and bundled me up in it!! He has this german shepard puppy who is so adorable anyway but the way he is with her makes him sooooo fucking adorable!! Mum would be proud :D. I dunno, I just know I really really like him. I want to take this slow, I don’t want to fuck this up. This is something that has every potential to be something real. He invited me to his company dinner party in feb. Catered, free booze, dressed up. Ahhhhhh ITS BRIDGET JONES!!! Aha.

This feels slightly unreal…..


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