My Inner Self Is A Retard

I like sex. I think sex is great. Its fun, its horny, its a great form of exercise and its just good times. But you know what I realised? I was thinking about this, I have not had a lot of good sex in my life and I know its not cause its hard to get me off cause I can do it myself in under 10minutes, its cause I have to be really really in to the guy I’m with for there to be any sort of orgasm. And I don’t just mean oh you’re hot so I’m really in to this, I have to really care about the guy I’m with. Its so stupid cause what, does that mean I will only have pleasurable sex with guys I’m in love with?? How hopeless is that?? I don’t want a relationship cause I don’t want to fall in love cause its too scary ¬†therefore I’m doomed to an O-less life??

It totally makes sense as well cause the one person I was truly in love with was the only person who could actually get me to that point and consistently, not just once in a while like the ex ex. Maybe that’s another reason why I can’t let go, because I don’t think I could ever have that with anyone ever again so really, whats the point? And yes, whats the point, I am not one of those people who believes that sex is a small part of a relationship. If that’s what you believe then fair enough but for me? Fuck no! Sex is an EXTREMELY important part of a relationship, its about intimacy and being lovers and using that lust and love for each other in a real and physical way. Its makeup sex and silly sex and making love. It is important.



2 thoughts on “My Inner Self Is A Retard

  1. Hang in there. Time has a way of evolving not only your views of relationships but also your sexuality. Admittedly, it would be much more convenient if we could just flip a switch to self-correct sexual hiccups. However, in my experience things do have a way of working themselves out over time.

  2. Hahaha your post literally made me laugh! I haven’t had sex in two months and I am trying my best to refrain from just banging one random guy.

    I had to pause for a second because memories of me with certain exes flashed right in front of me… I don’t know if I actually had a really great climax with someone. I usually find it interesting to have the guy finish, but I don’t think I ever finished and had that “wow” effect.

    I guess it’s also about falling for someone, etc. I will have to agree, SEX is not a requirement in a relationship, but it is NECESSARY!

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