Yesterday I get told, twice in one work day, by the boss to work on my accent which will benefit me professionally as well as in my personal life as he’s sure I need to work on that as well. Later on same thing, he’s sure that things I do and the way I am in my personal life need work so as to benefit my professional life.

Firstly, that is racial discrimination and you can be DAMN SURE that if I was from anywhere other than England, he wouldn’t say diddily shit. For fuck sake, one of our accounting people is from fucking Texas and I think she is waaaay harder to understand than I am. HE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS A PROBLEM WITH HOW I FUCKING TALK. Secondly, FUCK YOU, I GOT MY STUDENT LOAN APPROVED BIATCH, I AM GETTING THE FUCK OUT OF HERE IN ABOUT 2 MONTHS. SO FUCK YOU.

I pity the fool who takes on this job, I really do.

The best thing about this is the fact that I got all my paperwork and loan applications and online shiz and faxing and mailing to get accepted on the course as well as get my loan, right here at the office using the office supplies. Actually no, the best thing is, I don’t need him as a reference EVER so I am going to be able to not just quit, but to tell him EXACTLY what I think about him. I can just see it now; Boss man, you are a senile awful disgusting smelly cunt. You have to rehire all the time because of these traits. People in the business will actively not work with you because of these traits. You blatantly have erectile dysfunction and the thai bride is potentially the most pathetic thing about you but I’m sure there are more things that are worse that we don’t know about. Go suck a dick, I’m out.

Ahhh, sweet sweet unburdening!


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