No Denying, It Has Got To Be Me Right?


JUST as I was starting to think that maybe a boyfriend wasn’t such a heinous idea, that maybe writer boy could actually be someone I could see myself spending time with and staying the night more with (yes stayed the night at his, was actually nice) and JUST as I was starting to enjoy the sex, he turns around and proves that once again I have the worst taste in men. Period.

Saturday evening was the Papa Roach show that me and two friends had been planning on going to for over month and writer boy a few days before decided to go which was fine. But then at the show he just would not piss off from trying to grind up on me and holding me when all I wanted to do was enjoy the first live music/gig I’ve been to in well over a year! He kept trying to bum cigarettes off one of my friends that he met once briefly, was trying to get himself invited over to my other friend’s place (which is basically a studio apartment she shares with her boyfriend), was trying to get me to go back to his, all the while fucked out of his mind even though he had driven to the gig which was way downtown and was going to need his car the next day for work. To which he expected me to sort out, drive him home, get his car to him. I AM NOT YOUR MOTHER. Fuckkk. Why can’t I meet a guy who can stand on his own goddamn feet without needing to rely on me to wipe his ass??

Then the next day I find out he tried to drive home, got pulled over, got a DUI and spent the night in jail.


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