Rational Or Scared?

So much has been going on.

I am so tired I could cry. Working 7 days a week plus finding time to be helpful at the house, plus having a life with friends, plus fitting in a guy. Yep that’s right, there’s been a guy on the scene!

He is tall and attractive. He has a degree in English and Writing, he wants to eventually become an English professor. He is in the process of going to Korea to teach English for a few years. He is sweet and a little quiet. Hes been very forthcoming about himself and things hes going through which is really nice but some things hes said has given me pause for thought. Hes extremely protective already, he walks me across the road and to my car, he keeps his hand at the small of my back when he thinks I need direction. Which is very sweet and chivalrous and a teensy bit annoying at the same time. He has two cats which says he likes animals and that’s always a nice trait for a man to have. I get the feeling hes kind of a sensitive soul. I don’t know how to handle a kind of sensitive soul though.

I like him, I really do. I’m attracted to him for sure, we’ve made out a few times. When we sit down we automatically sit as close to each as possible. I think I do want to sleep with him. I think though that it would be serious sex with him, like with the ex ex. Always so serious.

I don’t know if I feel like myself around him.

I feel like maybe even though hes a really great guy, hes just not there yet. Hes not in the same place as me. He is sort of all over the place, he wants to move away, he makes these cracks about himself that I find kind of worrying. But then I feel like I can talk to him about anything, hes a really good listener and conversationalist.


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