You Fucker!

FAIL! You wanted me to block you and I did and then I thought Ok, so now he thinks I’ve blocked him, its been a few days, I’ll unblock him and see if he blocks me. Cause if he does it means he is STILL checking my profile and then both me and him will know that he is STILL thinking about me and that his ignoring me will be a massive fail. And what do you know? All of a sudden I’m blocked. So massive fail ex mr chop cause now you know that I know that you were STILL trying to check up on me even though you were blocked.

And now hes going to have to be the one to keep me blocked instead of me knowing that one click and he would be unblocked. Which is a weight off of my shoulders to be honest. Even so. I can’t believe the fucker blocked me!

Men are such wankers. Fact.

And then all this shit going down with soldier boy this weekend. On Friday he tells me about this new pair of silk boxers hes so proud of, Friday night tries to send me a pic of him in them (my phone won’t accept pics), Saturday morning (2am) txts me asking if I saw the pic (I hadn’t and also threatened his ballsack if he txts me at 2am again, Saturday ALL BLOODY DAY asks how he can send me a pic and then spends the rest of the day asking if I’ve seen the pic, have I checked my inbox, on and on and on. I get home (very weary and just want to go to bed), have a quick look at my fb inbox and he’s sent not one or two pics but FIVE?! I didn’t even know what to say so kind of ignored the situation till much later the next day, made some lame joke about it and now were not really talking. I think I offended him by not being overly grateful for the pics. And yeah they were hot actually but it was just so random and…kind of try hard but not in the right way. I even said to him, if you want to try and get in my pants that’s fine but I am not one of those girls, I do not sleep around so if he wants any hes going to have to work hard for it. I said this cause its true and cause I fully expected him to be like ok buh bye then and instead he was all aha why would I want it easy. To which I said that easy seems to be what he likes. Which I think hurt his feelings.

Poor diddums


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