Bitter Rant

I get it, everyone is all in love and happy and with the guy of their ‘dreams’ right now. I get that is an amazing feeling and time. But do I need to hear about it all day every day? Does every conversation have to be about the guy and how amazing he thinks you are. Even conversations that have nothing to do with being in a relationship or the guy, suddenly, miraculously becomes about the guy! Oh I had the most awesome shit earlier. Really?! Omg cause mr wonderful had the most awesome shit earlier as well! He is just sooo perfect and thinks I’m the one. And on. And on. Seriously, I know I sound like the bitter woman and yeah a part of me is kinda jealous but mainly I’m just bored! I really do not need to hear about every small detail about your guy or you and your guy. Why? Cause honestly, as long as hes not treating you like shit, I don’t give a fuck whats going on! I miss my friends! I miss chatting about anything and everything and now I’m stuck repeating the same shit over and over again ‘aww, oh wow, thats sweet, aww, oh wow, thats sweet’. I hate the way girls are like ohhh don’t choose a guy over your friends cause thats just like soooo wrong. And then as soon as they get a guy, you become this pathetic friendless ‘single’ person. I’m not even two faced about it, I have bluntly said, I am happy for you and of course you will want to talk about him with me but there is only so much per day I can take and you need to try and remember that I am not a loved up couples person. So going on and on at me is just going to piss me off. Yeah harsh maybe but I really can’t handle hearing the same stupid shit all the time.

I’m happy for my friends, I really am! I want them to be happy and to have a guy who loves them. I just want them to remember that I love them to and I will be here long after those ‘wonderful’ guys are gone.

On the plus side I actually got a ‘good job’ at work from the boss man today. I still want to punch him in the nads though 🙂


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