Tomorrow Is Another Day

I was pretty sure it would be better today. Even after I got home yesterday I started feeling better. Little sis was running around and making run around with her and being all playful which of course lifted my mood. Then I just chilled out and went to bed early and it was definitely better this morning. Then the morning meeting wasn’t that bad, even had a giggle fit cause my accent was causing all sorts of confusion. Bit shit trying to do solicits cause I have totally no idea about whats going on (still don’t) and need to do that photoshop stuff that I have no idea about. But have finally managed to get these signings sorted and on the go so now I hopefully won’t be fired for being incompetent.

I don’t know what happened yesterday at all. All I could feel was complete despair, just like when I was back at home. So, maybe I do have depression and maybe it doesn’t go away just because I told it to. Maybe it is something you live with always and you can fight it and it can be better and then sometimes its just there and there isn’t anything you can do about it except deal and move on. Who knows?

At least its a lot better today!


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