Oh Sigh

I don’t know if its him I miss or just the familiarity of him or if talking to him makes me think of back home which makes me think of things I’m missing and then people I’m missing so by the end of a brief exchange with him, my head is completely fucked up. Cause I think may be I do miss him. But then I think well actually I don’t, he was a massive dick to me who ruined my life and became the catalyst for me moving away from everything and everyone I love and the worst part of all, made me fuck up things with ex mr chop. Good, now I’m angry. Who the fuck does he think he is, still trying to be a part of my life, still using me as a way to stave of boredom of a relationship doomed to fail. Doomed to fail cause hes a massive tart and a cheat and a user.

And ex mr chop is a penis.



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