2 Corporate Giants

So I now have two jobs; early morning-early afternoon as a Barista at Starbucks and then a movie ho at the cinema Century16 from mid afternoon till waaaay early morning. Basically losing my soul to big corporate giants who are demanding no nail varnish, no nose stud, hair up and minimal personality. I sound a lot more bitter then I actually am, I’m grateful to have jobs again and to be working and I’m grateful that I’m going to be earning some good monies even if it means no more sleep. But then again I’ve slept enough the past few weeks, I’ve slept enough during 2009 to last me till 2013. Ergh, am going to miss my comfy comfy bed though and am a bit worried that my mostly pain free self is going to be a screaming mess but I guess we’ll see.

I just took control of my nails again, I am talon free!! And am taking care of the jolen face for the first time in months which makes me feel a bit more….confident. I’m on a mission!


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