As If By Magic…

The ex mr chop emailed me today. Seriously, I sometimes swear that he’s like a fucking mind reader or something and just knew that I was already thinking about him and admitting to myself that I was still missing him and lo n behold he decides to message me for the first time since like may. And this is after I had sent him a message since being here saying that could we try to now be friends seeing as I’m in a different country so he didn’t need to worry about me trying to go after him again. And that was like august or something to which there was no reply. Erggggghhhh I am such a dick, I send him a message and it gets ignored, he sends me one and I’m all over it. dickkkkkkk.

Anyway the shit thing is, I was already thinking a lot about him recently and missing him and that was without a message. Now who knows how whizzy my brain is going to be


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