Snow In September!

It actually started snowing today! Madness!

Today was a funny one; went to the Rabbit Creek Rifle Range and shot a few rounds from the new Glock toy! At first I wasn’t to sure about it, the power and ricochet was kind of scary and it hurt my hand but got in to the swing of it and I’ve got to say, there’s something addictive to the feeling of power you have when holding and shooting a gun. It also gave a real perspective on why guns are so lethal, just the sound of it going off was really heavy, solid Felt like such a bad ass aha.

I knew the only person who would really appreciate me with a gun would be the ex ex so I sent him a picture. First time we’ve had an email chat in a little while; made me miss home a bit. Been feeling a bit homesick recently, just for Moo and uni and life really. That’s not to mean that I’m not happy here or anything, I just miss the familiarity of back in England I think. I miss Ms.Julia Stiles as well, shes been gone for about a week back to school and life is definitely less interesting without her.

So I want to know what the fuck is wrong with my back. It is seriously the only thing that is upsetting me. The pain in my lower back is now constantly intense and because it hurts so much on my lower back, my upper back (shoulders) have gotten really tense and now hurt like hell as well. I’m walking like a hunchback, I’m constantly sitting with a heat pad, I can’t sleep, I can’t even sit in chairs anywhere for very long before everything just seizes up. It really really really hurts and no one knows why and no one can fix it. I’ve got some super duper painkillers but even they don’t take the pain away, they just dull it. Apart from that everything is gravy really!

Miss my love


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