Princess Tours, This Is Kathryn, How Can I Help…..

Soooooo since the grand arrival in Alaska this is what I have been up to.

After getting in at 1am on Saturday 26th I went to bed at 4am and was woken up by a very excited 2yrold shouting ‘tayteee tayteeee’. Managed to not nap at all that day and so avoided massive jet lag issues. On the Monday I went in to talk with potential Boss Lady who was more than happy to offer me the job as a HAP Guest Services Host, where I was then offered my first shift beginning at 5am till 2pm the very next day. I then worked Tuesday till Thursday on the same shift and had my weekend on the Friday and Saturday. Slept all of Friday and went to the Girdwood Festival on Saturday (was fun, full of hippies; total Woodstock revival). Then worked Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, am working tomorrow and then have Friday and Saturday off again.

AM SHATTERED!!!! A freaking 5am start means getting up at 3am so I have enough time to get ready, have breakfast and be out the door by half4.

Have met some wicked people, got ask out on a date on my second shift, think one of the guys there is really cute (older than me so hopefully not a scared child), the work has its dull points but its fun, its easy, there’s a great little cafe across the road which does pancakes and french toast (I got a free coffee today courtesy of being a regular customer).

I miss moo more than I could ever describe. I really wish she was here, I miss talking to her soooo much.

Miss the ex ex as well x x x x x x x x x x x x x


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