Sometimes I still feel like my heart is so broken I can’t stand it. I so want to be fixed by now. I so want to be a whole person again and I’m not. I think its because in the deepest part of me I still think it was such a mistake, I still think its not supposed to be like this. I try so hard to hide that part of me from myself, I can’t think about it, I can’t bear to say it out loud. But sometimes, when I feel like I am still so shattered, that feeling sort of creeps up on me and I can’t do anything but feel like I can’t breathe.

It will pass. It always does


One thought on “Sometimes

  1. so well written…i have felt these feelings too.. and i have to remind myself to breathe.. the feelings, they do pass… at times the feelings come back to me, but it gets easier over time..
    hope things are better for you today.

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