Once upon a time I said to the world, fuck the consequences I always get my own way. Fuck the consequences. Was it worth it then I wonder? I fell in love with someone who loved me in return. I found someone I was completely comfortable being myself around. I was with someone who didn’t need to play games and who would put me first. I also lost a lot. I lost two friends, luckily one of which I managed to reconnect with. I lost a friend in him. I lost faith in myself. I lost belief in love. I learnt that things aren’t always what or how they seem and I learnt that sometimes trust and love isn’t enough. I learnt to fall in love with your friend can be an amazing experience.

Was it worth it?

I guess so. I also learnt that saying fuck the consequences is a really naive impulse to act on so I guess in a way I grew up a bit. So I guess it was? I guess in a way I now know more of what I want and what to look for, what makes me happy and what to avoid. Maybe once I find it in myself to really get back out there, I’ll have more luck this time!


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