Waiting For Life To Begin

I am literally just sat around now waiting for things to start happening; beach break in a week, then packing for America, mum’s birthday, doctors appointment, goodbyes and then getting on the plane. I think I have a plan, well two actually. If I get in to third year I will come back, live with moo, graduate and get in to publishing. If I don’t, I’m going to take some time out, save up some money, find my feet and start with a fresh slate doing what in my heart of hearts I know I was born for. I am argumentative, opinionated, always right, can argue black is white, I love to debate and I want to get back to using my more than capable brain. I am meant to be in court, I was born to stand up in front of my peers and make them see things my way. I’m ready for it now, I want to work for it now, so thats what I will do. I’m ready to stop being the fuck up now and do something with my life, I’m ready to make my family proud of me again and I’m ready to feel proud of myself again! But thats not just if I go back in to law, I would more than love to get in to publishing as that is my other passion; reading, books, literature, fantastical stories, epic tragedies. Graduating from Bournemouth and going in to publishing (probably and hopefully somewhere in London) would also be amazing. Harder because I wouldn’t be working with a clean slate but still fulfilling. The dream always has been and always will be to end up in New York, in an amazing loft apartment in Manhattan being able to afford all the Choos and Blahniks I could ever want. That is the goal and I will get there.

I fucking promise you that


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