I Don’t Recognise Me

I use to be this complete romantic believing in soul mates and forever type of person. I use to think being in love was the best feeling in the world; but why cut yourself when you can be in love. Why choose a relationship with a person over relationships with your friends; friends can still hurt us and let us down but they never hurt us in the way a supposed ‘partner’ can and support us in ways a partner never could. And it just doesn’t exist; the strong everlasting monogamous relationship is a fantasy, people are meant to be with one person for ever and ever, in fact the only reason marriage was ever invented was due to property and the evolution of heirs. Yes there are people who have been together for years and years and 99% of them are fucking miserable, or staying together because of responsibilities and because they don’t want to be lonely. I think thats probably the worst relationship to be in, the one where you stay out of obligation and convenience. I think people need to face up to the fact that in these times the most honest and the strongest relationship is one where you both face reality and accept that we can’t get everything we need from one person. People have so much variety in life nowadays it seems like it was only a matter of time before variety in relationships was needed as well.

Its basically having your cake and eating it.

I’d rather have the relationship where I get to miss the person and be excited to see them. The relationship where my own happiness and how I want to live and be stays more important to me than his. And the relationship where if something happened, if it ended, if he went away, if there was a hard choice to make; it would sting a bit but it wouldn’t be the end of my world. No real responsibilities, no one relying on me, no one for me to rely on.

I still love to read the stories of the true loves and ‘the one’. But its just so…naive to think it exists in the real world. I’m not even being bitter, I’ve just changed and realised it


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