For the first time in a while I read a book and enjoyed it in the way I use to. I couldn’t put it down, I could hear the characters and I took something from it. It was a story of a woman who was broken through the mistakes of her family, broken through losing who she thought was the love of her life and yet she still overcomes these things and ends up with the right guy and is happy. She learns from her mistakes and the mistakes of her parents and builds on those lessons to make herself stronger. I know it was only a fictional book about a fictional woman but it made me think; I will not always be broken and just because I come from a broken background doesn’t mean I’m going to make the same choices.

I’ve been working hard so I’m feeling ok about the exam. I’ve been taking my pills so I’m feeling less frustrated. I’m looking forward to beach break and I’m going out to America at the end of June and working which I’m sort of excited about. Yeah I’m still in a crappy place, yeah I still miss what I had but its not the end of the fucking world! Yeah every so often I’m in the dark place but jesus christ its not that bad!

So excited to see maddie next month!


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