Managed to find another ipod to replace mine for a mere £40, got a wall charger so can reset it and it should be here within a few days! So excited, have been missing my ipod LOADS! Also managed to get mum’s birthday presents so now I don’t need to be all worried about that in June and I know she’ll really like them so yay!

Sort of stopped taking my anti moaning pills and have been feeling a little extra moody and shite basically so am going to get a refill on my prescription tomorrow and stick to taking them this time. I was sort of experimenting, seeing if not taking them made a difference to taking them and that was sort of a fail aha but now I know.

Going to be a busy week at uni this week, need to get on the revision, finish diss proposal and send in my options. Busy busy!

Every night for the past week I’ve been having the same sort of random dream. I’ll be in a room with ex mr chop and we are full on fighting with each other, complete screaming match about what he did and how its affected me, how much I hate him and then he’s just as angry with me and I wake up so confused! I know its not real cause it was only a dream but from the things he has said to me since we split he really made it seem like I did something really wrong and he was really mad at me as well and its like my head is firstly saying all the things I’ve wanted to say to him and also work out why he would be angry with me??

Last night was a weird one though, I was dreaming that someone was next to me in bed and was whispering in my ear which woke me up. Don’t know who but I was really convinced they were there and actually rolled over to check. Ohhh maybe its the house ghost playing tricks on me……

Back to revision


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