Time Is Not My Friend

I’m looking forward to the summer. I’m looking forward to beach break and spain (hopefully) and working and seeing people and beach.

I’m also dreading it. I’m dreading coming closer and closer to the time of my heartbreak. Next month will be when he first broke up with me and then told me he would never ever hurt me like that again. And then I’ll miss him at beach break. And then July will roll around and I’ll be thinking about how thats when we were together in America. And then august 8th will come about, the day he walked out and I just stopped.

I think back to this time last year and I was so happy I was blissful. BBQs, splashdown, pink, alton towers, mini BBQs with dan, lunches on the beach, making dinners, funki sushi, harvester. Just being so chilled, so relaxed, so…in love. And now what am I? Lonely I suppose. I have my friends and I love them all to death, I just miss the man cuddles and being in bed next to someone and getting the butterflies when you kiss.

I guess I just miss the butterflies


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