Like Shopping But Cheaper

Was having a sort through the loft yesterday and found two whole bags of clothes I’d put up there and totally forgotten about which is awesome cause it feels like I have a whole new wardrobe without having to actually spend any money! Win!

Ergh so had a ‘man’ rant the other day. Its cause I have some very close friends all going through the exact same shit with their guys and its driving me mad cause (from an outsiders perspective) there is just no need for it!! And then (I know that this next sentence is going to make me seem retarded, I am well aware) but after all these celebs coming out as cheating on their wives it really makes me feel like giving up!! If these gorgeous friends of mine and these glamourous celeb women can’t get it right and are still capable of being cheated on, what chance do mere fucked up mortals like myself have?? So thats why the rant. I do realise that women create problems as well but it just seems like its so much easier for the guy to just give up and leave. Although I suppose sometimes it takes more strength and courage to leave than to stay. Whatever, relationships suck and I’m just going to become a nun aha.

Thinking about that though, I swear God is like the ultimate Mormon pimp. He has all these women (nuns) all over the world who are 100% dedicated to him and only him, living by his rules and not bitching about it, who don’t have sex with any guys, who give up everything for him….Serious pimp like behaviour right there. I don’t think I do want to be a nun then, I’m not really a ‘devote my whole life to one man forever without the benefits of hot monogamous sex or dinners out’ kind of girl.

Maybe a lesbian?


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