Men are retarded. Seriously. They never know when they have it good, they never appreciate it when someone genuinely cares about them, they rarely consider themselves to be lucky bastards who would do anything to keep this special person in their life. They behave like children when they don’t get their own way, they expect everything to be sweetness and light 24/7 and the SECOND things get a little choppy, they bail, they hide, they ignore, they lie, they avoid. Instead of being HONEST and dealing with a problem HEAD ON they pussy out, exacerbate situations and then have the AUDACITY to turn it all on to the girl as her fault, her issues, her problems. Men of the world, SUCK IT UP, GROW SOME BALLS. Shit fucking happens, that doesn’t mean you turn tail and run. Us ‘silly emotional’ women are worth the fight, we’re worth the aggro, we’re worth going through the shit for and coming out the other side! Nothing worth having is ever easy.

So just fucking deal with it


One thought on “Rant

  1. You did not ask for my advice I realize. I am going to give it and it is free. You are of course free to accept it or reject it. I want to give you a glimpse inside most men’s brains.

    We are secretly very vulnerable. We have a sensitive soft side even though we don’t often show it. The reason is, that we are conditioned not to show it. But there is a little blame to share with women. One of the chief complaints I get in my practice is that women don’t make it safe for men to share their feelings with women. Women tend to mock them. If we share something that can be even remotely deemed critical by the woman, she must immiediately go on the attack and teach that men to never do it again. Men learn the lesson early and well. All you have done is cause the guy to shut up, you have not changed his mind. You have effectively cut off communication. Inside the guy seethes but he does not bring up negatives about the woman again. He has to protect his access to sex.

    Men want their women to be their best friend so that they can talk to them about anything. We also need you to be our personal cheerleaders. ( I even suggest to women to have a short little pleated skirt and a tight sweater and do high kicks cheerleader style when the guy does things worth cheering for. Just be sure to wear your sexiest frilliest panties underneath the skirt. It was guys number one fantasy in high school and college)

    If you want a guy to change, catch him doing something right and praise him for it. He really does want to please you, he just hates to be nagged into it or put down. If you have any doubts that guys are sensitive, add a little girl and watch how fast he turns into a pile of mush. You need to adopt a cross of personalities of a little girl who adores him and a puppy who always loves him. Do this and don’t put him down for his sexuality and you will have him lieterally eating out of your hand. Men are not nearly as emotionally tough as women. We always need a gentle touch, not a shouting criticism. You need to love our inner little boy. These are just the facts of life. Don;t tell my buddies that I let you in on the secret guy code.. Blessings on you.

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