Last Day Of Term, Typical Really

Today was the last day of term, the first time I’ve been in uni all week and who the fuck do I finally spot? Thats right, ex mr chop. How fucking typical is that? I’ve managed to go 7/8 months without a single sighting and then on the last freaking day of term before the big easter break and I see him. It’s because I’d gotten comfortable and use to the fact that I’ve never seen him around. The crazy thing is, it was only for the briefest moment, literally seconds, and even those seconds stopped my heart and made my world come crashing down. A few seconds and its all I’ve thought about all day; did he see me, did he feel anything, did he not feel anything, did it make him miss me, did it make him want to get in touch, did he think I looked good. Questions questions questions. To be honest, I don’t think he did see me and if he did he probably was relieved he was in his car and then didn’t think anymore of it. Which is exactly what I should be thinking and feeling but….he just looked so familiar. In his car. It was as if I should have been able to wave and smile and have him smile back. Instead of me freezing up, stopping the girls, hiding my face and then crossing the road very very quickly.

How sad thats how it is now.

Had a nice day today, shame its ending with me feeling a bit low


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