A Smurfing Good Time

I am currently sat with a blue ‘clay’ face mask on that promises to ‘purify and cleanse’ my pores for up to 7 days. Smells nice at least but I do look like a badly made up smurf. Aha.

Day 11 of anti depressants and I’m still not overly sure there is a difference? The most noticeable effects would have to be I’m finding little things a bit more funny and my sleep has gone from not being able to fall asleep till 5/6am and waking up at 8/9am to not falling asleep till 5am BUT being able to stay asleep once I’m under (however I am now not waking up till 11am and am losing half my day. Slightly annoying when I am trying to turn over a new leaf and actually make it in to uni early).

Am totally craving a thorpe park/alton towers trip. Seriously. I can’t think of anything more fun right now then losing myself in a fast, high, scary ride session! Was invited to M’s thorpe park thing but am sooooo skint till finance comes through (plus have a lot of work to be getting done. Not that, that would have stopped me if I could have afforded to go aha).

Have been looking at a few flats and have found one that I am so in love with, its madness. A 3 bed flat in lansdowne, got views, got a nice kitchen with table, student friendly and these double bedrooms that are amazing. One has 360 degree views and is all windows and light and the other has a massive frigging balcony and I can just imagine us putting a table and chairs out there in the summer, working on our dissertations, having drinks. Seriously want this flat. Then there’s the flat that M found in charminster, really nice living/dining room, really nice rooms, nice kitchen, great location. Plus a lot cheaper than my dream flat. I want us to look at both of them though, see what the feelings in our bones say and go from there. Love love love both places!

Mmmmm summer is soooooo close! Totally pissing it down but it still smells all fresh and light. Can’t wait!!


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