This Song Makes My Life

This and ‘Kids’ make me smile and think of summer, festivals, friends and good times.

Moo and Lezzer came down and saw me today, made me happy that they journeyed down to shithampton to see me :).

Its starting to get all sunny and spring like, the summer is coming up really fast! I can’t wait, summer means festivals, house hunting, being on the beach, theme parks, picnics, cold strongbow (dirty aha) in the sun. Hopefully some get aways, mini holidays and summer lovin’ aha. It also means certain people leaving Bournemouth and going away forever. I’m not sure how I feel about this. Thinking I am actually never going to see ex mr chop again or resolve anything makes me ache a bit. I’m sad that I can’t go to Landcrab this year, no lunches spent on the beach after work everyday; I really liked doing that. But thats just me missing the friend I use to know, that person doesn’t exist anymore. And thats ok now.

Mmmmmm bring on the summer!


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