Need To Get On It

Have come to uni to get this work done and surround myself with fit uni boys in an attempt to remind myself there are other guys out there but this is failing miserably as so far all thats happened is a run in with the ex housemate who hates me, bob, TV guy (ffs), I know ex mr chopper is in uni so have been avoiding public areas as a result. Mind is totally not focused on this stupid assignment, far to many distractions and the fact I’ve already done this work before is just totally not motivating me! Worst comes to worst I’ll just hand my old work in and make sure I pass my exam with flying colours. Again, knowing I can do this is not helping aha. I am going to try and do it though, just means I won’t be sleeping tonight. Not that I sleep much anyway, cause I knew I was going to be busy today I took some herbal sleeping tablets last night and ended up not only sleeping through my alarm (well done), I realised that I had taken a little adventure sleep walking at some point seeing as I woke up with my phone in one hand, my ipod in the other, shoes on my feet and laying on the foot of the bed. God knows where I was attempting to go! All with a broken toe ahahaha.

Been a bit of a busy day people wise


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