Is It A Sign?

It seems every time I’m ready to give up on uni and the whole idea of ever graduating, I find out that I’m not actually failing and capable of actually doing well. Moo made me pick up all my work yesterday (have been avoiding the assignment room like the plague cause I didn’t want to face the poor marks that would basically be saying ‘HA you will never graduate’) and not only have I passed Media Theory as a whole and my mother fucking research methods WOOOOOOOOP, I also got a 62 (my short story) from the lecturer that hates me and good marks on the rest of my work. I even got a really good mark on my TV script and the comment that it could definitely make it as a show on channel 4. So a few weeks ago I was ready to give up and found out I passed my exam. Then I thought nope, definitely just going to quit and I pick up my work and passed what I needed to and got some really good feedback which makes me think that someone somewhere wants me to actually have some freaking faith in myself and carry on and bloody well graduate. Got to see moo which was really really nice cause weve both been so busy doing our own shit recently, it was nice to catch up and chill out. Also got to talk to her and soon-to-be new housemate M about the whole house situation and have decided that I will keep my eye on the market and once they have finished exams and things (they are about to enter extremely stressful period at uni) we will find a place which suits me cause I am officially skint right now! It also gives me time to find a job in Bournemouth and sort out placement. Not worried about leaving it a bit later cause we only need a four bed place and those are about all the time.

Yesterday I was actually proud of myself for a change 😀


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