The last little obsession of mine is the myspace page, still there, still unchanged and still a source of….comfort? I don’t know, all I know is I wish I could stop looking but I can’t so I just wish it would be changed but its myspace, no one even goes on there anymore so its like a forgotten piece of my life thats just suspended in the web-sphere.

I just love looking at the picture more than anything, it makes me feel like it wasn’t all a dream.

Been looking in to Camp America through Camp America and through BUNAC, looks more promising through BUNAC. Also heard back from the Fashion and PR placement in Australia, sounds really hopeful and there is a placement I can do, just need to decide and send in my application papers. Although through BUNAC I could do placement in New York and would be able to be paid cause of my social security number.

Decisions decisions on how to spend my summer!


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