Get Out of My Head!!

Drove my chevy to the levy….


God I just so need to go to a dirty loud random heavy sweaty gig. If I’m not getting any loving then I need some other way to get rid of this energy; I just so wish there was something going on in Southampton. Yeah there was Enter Shikari last night but common dreads is shit and was never going to be massively enjoyable. PLUS there is just NOONE around anymore that enjoys a nice heavy gig; if its not the top 20 chart hits, nights out at shite clubs (Bliss, Lava, Toko etc), then its not worth knowing!! Karnivool isn’t until march, Hadouken are playing firestation but after seeing them at beach break last year and seeing what twatish dickheads they are I don’t think I can be bothered and I don’t recognise anyone else playing at joiners!! Skindred are playing the wedge in portsmouth march 9th so will def be going to that even if it is by myself!! But in the mean time, I just NEED something now! Soonish! In the next few days! Ahhhhhhh!


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