Summer Festivals

So had a text from loverr this morning ‘come isle of wight festival’. Am totally in buuuut going to be a bit crazy cause Isle of Wight is 10th-13th of June and then Beach Break is from 14th-18th of June so I would literally get back on sunday afternoon, would have to shower, do my laundry, repack my bag and tent, get my food bits together, get down to Bournemouth and the next morning get the coach to Wales for BB. Hectic BUT there are already some great people playing Isle of Wight; Pink, Biffy Clyro, Florence and the Machine, Mr Hudson, Calvin Harris, Blondie, Jay-Z, Friendly Fires, and PINK!!! So worth it for Pink alone really. Plus it would be amazing, get to go to a festy with loverr and prob loverr’s sister and co and totally get on it and then festy with moo where get to chill out on the beach. Not a bad way to spend 10 days really, it will be like a holiday, HOLIDAY!! Aha, jokes. Now just need to find £170 for a ticket, may ask it as my birthday present? And christmas present?

Mmmm would be nice!


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