Getting Closer to Spring

The days are starting to get lighter which sucks cause it makes it harder to hide out in bed but is also great cause it means spring and summer and the days are actually starting to smell lighter. It means being able to do more outside, theme parks opening again (woooooooooooooop soooo want to go to thorpe park, haven’t been since went with the ex ex, kimmi and ex ex’s best friend). It means festivals and summer outfits and bungee jumps and BBQ’s. It means certain people leaving bournemouth so I can have my goddamn town back!! Mmmm looking forward to it becoming lighter.

I need a full time job. I’m not really at uni, I don’t really want to be at uni. So I need to find a full time job that I’m going to enjoy, that I will meet lots of interesting people at and that will get me out of bed every morning.

Erghhhhh I’ve been running so high today, been spilling a lot of ketones, been weeing like a trooper and feel sooooo sick. Been drinking loads of fluids, upped my insulin and it’s like NOTHING is working! Hate days like this and I know it means I’m just going to be really tired tomorrow.



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