You have disappointed me so much. Stop reading my blog, delete the link, give yourself a chance to get over it. I stand by what I said, you are a cunt; for being too afraid to have me in your life, for giving up and letting go and for not being there.

If you can’t stop being so afraid you’re going to end up alone, having to watch everyone around you grow up and move on with their lives


One thought on “Brian

  1. My god isnt that rich! Your the one telling me that im going to end up alone, when around me i have friends, i love my life and your the one that posted about saying if anyone would notice if you were gone. Ha u fucking hypocrit!

    Seriously kate after i write this im blocking this url so i never have to read about ur shitty life again! You have done me a favor by realising that im not afraid of manning up your just the hardest person in the world to talk to!

    About what i said before about u having a good life. Well now i take it back, i hope everything goes down the shitter for you. ITs halfway there already kate!

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