Random Brighton Trippage

Got a call from loverr yesterday afternoon, said she was headed up to Brighton to see people and that it was supposed to be a largish group going from london but loads of people had bailed so she thought she was going up alone which is when she said to come. So I did! Had nothing else to do this weekend and knew would have an awesome time so jumped in the shower, jumped on a train and met loverr, loverr’s boyf and crush boy (sigh) at the train station. The funniest thing was TV guy’s hometown is Brighton and he was actually there! So he came and met me for a drink at this pub place we went to. Random!

Had an awesome awesome night, totally got on it, had such a laugh and even ended up bagging the cotchy-est bed with loverr. Met and now totally understand loverr’s past (something to be said for cheeky lad), was really nice to see loverr’s sister and everyone. I always love hanging out in their group and they always make me feel so welcome. I know I can be a bit quiet around them but its cause I’m a shit conversationalist but also I love listening in to their worlds they get in to. Loz seemed particularly impressed that I just randomly got on a train and came to Brighton and to be honest I am as well, I loved being that spontaneous and I want to be able to do that more often. Ahahahaha levi jeans and bowls of tea, jokes.

Amazing weekend. Definitely have crush boy obsession though! Love it.

Bit of a hectic week, exam on monday which I think went pretty well actually, then TV guy, then research methods assignment, went to Asbo’s, then Brighton. Have missed out on so much sleep this week, I am totally shattered. More surreal times coming up this week, ex ex tomorrow, maybe TV guy on tuesday plus uni, job hunting and placement sorting.

Briiiiing it


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